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Data/ Security Solutions

We understand how important your data is to your company. That's why we have pursued key partnerships with the leading backup solution providers in the industry to give you best options for on and off site backups​. Your data can be stored in your facilities as well as our secure data center. Customize how and when your data is stored.

If you have encountered data loss, we can help you recreate and rebuild your infrastructure putting safeguards in place to prevent future disasters. 

Environmental factors also impact the safety of your data. Is your hardware secured from theft or unauthorized access? What about heat, cold, or flooding? CU Tech offers environmental monitoring systems that monitor temperature and moisture to protect and extend the life of your hardware. These monitoring systems along with security cameras can be monitored from all devices including smart phones and have customizable alerts to give you peace of mind.

At CU Tech, we take data seriously. We help you meet all compliance requirements of organizations like HIPPA, SEC, ABA, Finra, and more. We also offer spam filtering and antivirus solutions to keep your network safe and secure.

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