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Small Town Integrity - World Class Service

We understand that businesses, like people, have unique needs. Whether you're working in the office, at home, or on the road, CU Tech has the technology you need to succeed with security you can trust.

Our Services

Our Servuces
The CU Tech Advantage

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by technology? By the endless options and confusing jargon? You want to work on your business not on your technology, and we're here to help. From procuring hardware and software to networking to simply answering your questions, CU Tech has you covered. All of our solutions must meet our tested and proven technology standards, keeping you secure and connected. The best part? Our services are customizable, meaning we fit your technology to your needs and as you grow, your technology will too.

Managed Services

Take the hassle out of everything from email to printers by letting us do the work for you.

Network Solutions

Get connected when you need to, how you need to. We can transfrom your existing infrastructure into the network you need.

Data/Security Solutions

Threats seem to lurk behind every click and in every email. We can help.


"With Mike's knowledgeable staff, array of services and excellent pricing, CU Tech is our first choice for IT needs and support.

Dan Thompson
Midwest Rubber Company


CU Data Management is offering a NEW low cost CRM solution to small & medium business.

Our Founder, Mike Rule, has been asked to serve on an industry Cyber Security Panel in Midland, Michigan. Stay tuned for more information.

CU Tech offers "Lunch & Learn" sessions about technology. Our current focus is Cyber Security.


Member of Cass City Chamber of Commerce

What's New?

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